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Landing on this page means you are planning a self-drive trip to our home country, Namibia, the land of blue skies, sun, sand, and wide-open spaces.

FUN FACT – the sun shines on average 300 days per year in Namibia.


Travel with Suzuki Jimny.

Namibia's diverse landscapes and remote destinations beckon you to embark on the ultimate road trip. The best way to experience this country is at your own pace, taking with you only what you need and visiting the unique destinations that you have chosen for your itinerary.

Suzuki Jimny - car rental Windhoek
4x4 Offroad Namibia

Gravel, Sand & Tar

Namibia has 5,450km of tar roads and 37,000km gravel roads, and with upgraded suspension and all-terrain tyres, our Jimny's are a comfortable ride on both.

4x4 Offroad

Compact yet Capable

Despite its tiny footprint, the Jimny is a compact and capable 4x4 that is easy to manoeuvre. The cabin is comfortable, and the rear door gives easy access to the back. Packing is simple and unloading is quick. With a roof rack there is sufficient space to take what you need on your trip, leaving behind the frills and unnecessary equipment.

Fuel Efficient

Economical Choice

The Jimny is light of foot at 1,075kg, thus economical on fuel and making it an affordable choice. Take only what you need along. Namibia has well stocked supermarkets throughout the country thus you can stock up on supplies as you travel.

Suitable for 1 to 2 people

Solo/Couples adventure

Ideally suited for solo travellers or 2 people seeking to experience Namibia by road, traveling at your own pace from lodge to lodge, or self-catering establishments to fully experience Namibia's favourite cooking style; namely a braai where food is grilled over coals. Best enjoyed under our dark star-filled skies.

FUN FACT – Namibia is the home to the Namib Sand Sea which was inscribed as a natural UNESCO World Heritage Site and is 3,077,700 hectares or 30,777 km2 in size.

FUN FACT – The top travel trend of 2022 was revealed by Expedia as the GOAT mindset - Greatest of All Trips – in pursuit of meaningful travel experiences. Experience your greatest of all trips in Namibia!

What we Offer.

Personal Service

24/7 Support

Well-maintained Fleet

A Packed-for-You Travel Box

Equipped for Camping

Competitive Rates & Insurance with Reduced Excess Options

Assistance with Airport Transfer

Sun & Sand Car Rental would love to welcome you and assist with fulfilling your dreams of a Namibian adventure with our 4x4 rentals. We will also gladly assist with ideas for your trip and ensure the Packed-For-You travel box is suited to your taste.

FUN FACT – Namibia is the second least densely populated country on the planet, with only 2 people per km2. By the way, Mongolia is the least densely populated country.

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Rent a Jimny with a bicycle rack, and experience Namibia's MTB tracks




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